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Featured: Sprout Invoices

Sprout Invoices is our cornerstone Sprout App. Helping streamline the workflow of accepting estimates and getting invoices paid online.

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Quick Look at Sprout Invoices for WordPress

The features that set it apart from Freshbooks, Harvest and other WordPress Invoice plugins.

Superior Line Item Management

Managing line items is fast and easy with these features: drag and drop reordering, parent/child relationships, pre-defined quick add, & multiple line-item types.

Connected Estimates & Invoices

Sprout Invoices helps simplify the process of receiving estimate requests on your site by creating new estimates new estimate and client record automatically. Integrations are available with your favorite form builder plugin including Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, & Formidable.


Getting Paid on your Terms

Sprout Invoices understands how deposit payments work and that's why accepting deposits is simple.

Accept payments from many different payment providers. Including: on-site credits cards via Paypal or Stripe, offsite payments with Paypal or Mercadopago, checks and purchase orders...many more are available in the marketplace.

Auto Billing & Payment Profiles Add-on

This add-on allows clients to store payment profiles for automatic billing & future payments.

Invoice Payments

Show your Clients More

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and easily see what payments are pending and when they’re due.

Clients have multiple ways to access their dashboard: a username and password; or private url similar to those private urls that estimates and invoices have. Learn more via the documentation.


Payment Scheduling with Payment Terms

Payment terms create a payment schedule for your clients, so that you can set when all the payments for a particular project are due.

Sprout Billings Integration

With Sprout Billings an attempt to capture the payment based on the payments terms will be done automatically.

Integration Superpowers and Flexibility

The flexibility of customizations is powerful but there are pre-built superpowers already integrated.

Extending Sprout Invoices via Add-ons

Payment processors, feature extensions and more.

Payment Terms: Simple Invoice Payment Scheduling

Easily schedule invoice payments and assess past due fees.

PDF Service for Invoices & Estimates

Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.

Digital Document Signing for Invoices & Estimates

Digital Document Signing for Sprout Invoices

Service/Convenience Fees (per Payment Processor)

Allows for a service fee to be added based on the payment method chosen.

Advanced ID Generation

Advanced ID Generation allows dynamic control over invoice (and estimate) IDs.

Sprout Billings

Allow clients to store payment profiles for automatic billing & future payments. Uses CIM & includes ACH payments.

Recently Updated: Sprout Clients

Sprout Clients is our business relationship app. Sprout Clients wants to make the entire process easier, more effective, and less time consuming.

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Create Leads, Sprout Clients

Manage your leads in a way that gains more clients and customers.

Scheduled Messaging

Write to your leads/clients now and have them delivered later. Meet someone new and want to follow-up in a couple weeks, now there's no forgetting.


Sometimes you meet your clients or create specific engagements. Sprout Clients wants to tie those engagements to your clients for reference and automation.

Relationship Building

The premise of "managing" your contacts is to build relationships. Sprout Clients wants to make the process of building those relationships easier and less time consuming.

Sprout App Integrations with Sprout Invoices

Regardless of this being a standalone app the integration compliments Sprout Invoices very well. Future integrations with Help Scout Desk, and more are planned.

Built the WordPress Way

Plenty of filters and actions allow you to hook into Sprout Clients and alter whatever you'd like or build some awesome features beyond what we have planed for the future.

Awesome Support

The results of our happiness report show people love our support, check it out on the Sprout Invoices page — we strive for happy!

Integration: Help Scout Desk

Join many other WordPress professionals using Help Scout Desk to provide their customers witht the best support available.

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WordPress Help Scout

Some of the features that make Help Scout Desk the best customer support plugin for WordPress.

Not just e-mail support

Help Scout Desk will add the ability for your customers to create new support tickets & reply without requiring email.

Gist oEmbeds

Help Scout Desk will automatically convert gist urls asynchronously to gist embeds.

Shortcodes, Filters, and Action Hooks

Help Scout Desk was built with WordPress standards and flexibility in mind.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Customer information from EDD orders will show within the Help Scout conversation.


Allows for multiple attachments when creating and updating threads, with nice previews shown within the thread.

Conversation Embeds

Embed any conversation into a post/page with a simple shortcode [hsd_thread id="42"].

Support with a Goal of Happy

The results of our happiness report show people love our support.


Reviews and Feedback from awesome people

We're proud of our ever growing ★★★★★ ratings.

Sprout Apps is built on the bold premise that your WordPress site can be more than just the marketing face of your business. It can also power the daily tasks of estimating work, billing clients, and charting progress.
Sarah Gooding
I’ve known Dan for years and can attest to his eye for detail and commitment to providing an amazing experience for his users. I participated in the beta for Sprout Invoices and can say that it is a great product that will fill a very real need for freelancers (like me!) and small businesses.

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